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  • Honestly, I think thats just nonsense.

    Everyone is very much aware that Oat Milk and Soy Milk and all the other non-dairy milks don’t have any cow juice in them

    Just the name itself makes it clear.

    It’s as equally stupid, in my opinion, as the argument that we shouldn’t call a vegetarian or vegan burger a “burger” because people might think it has meat when it doesn’t.

    It’s all a play by the dairy and meat industries to make vegan alternatives sound unappetising, and it’s very transparent.

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    3 days ago

    Owning a dog is the intersection between thinking dogs are the best, and actually having the time, energy and headspace to look after one.

    If dogs looked after themselves like cats do, I’d be inclined. But then they wouldn’t be dogs, I suppose.

  • I’m sure what Intel are doing right now is having both their tech people and their lawyers frantically explore any and every option which might let them get out of this.

    Which is why there is radio silence, because they don’t want to make any statement which admits liability, or even acknowledges the problem.

    But yes, if the problem is real they had better suck it up and recall the whole lot.

  • Oh yeah, for sure.

    It’s undeniable that sometimes producers will intentionally choose to “spread out” an idea into multiple movies when it could be one, specifically because they know it’s a lucrative IP and they figure they can make more money that way.

    I didn’t touch on that because my comment was getting long enough already, but personally I’d consider those as something of a ‘middle ground’ between an unplanned and financially motivated sequel, and a truly planned and needed continuation.

  • The implication is whether it’s a standalone story or not.

    As example, Alien 3 is certainly a sequel to Aliens, because at the end of Aliens the story wraps up nicely and is “finished” - we don’t need more.

    Dune 2 is more of a continuation of Dune, however because it’s the next part of the same unfinished story.

    The important part from the planning and development perspectives is that Avengers, Dune, and Lord of the Rings etc were always written to be several parts from the beginning.

    Its the difference between “That movie made loads of money, let’s make another one” and “This story is really long, we need to do it in three parts”

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    6 days ago

    I was working on my own laptop in a cafe, and someone who was sat near me went to the bathroom without saying even a word, leaving their laptop open and logged in with company excel sheets up of whatever they were doing and I’m like are you kidding me?

    I wonder if they expected me to protect it without them asking because I was working too and its like laptop solidarity? Either way, it was dumb on too many levels.

  • Nice answer.

    To put this into real-example terms, when you buy something like a box of name-brand cereal, that will have the same barcode everywhere it is sold in the country, because it’s literally printed on the box from the factory, and it is unique by manufacturer so there is no reason to change it.

    But when you buy a head of broccoli, the product has come from lots of different farms, and if it has a barcode at all it would be applied by the store themselves when it’s prepared for sale. This means Safeway would probably have a different product code for broccoli than Walmart does, but all Safeway stores would use the same for broccoli as they belong to the same chain.