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  • Because the title says “1000x more powerful than existing panels”. The article clarifies that this is existing barium panels, but the title (I would argue misleadingly so) does not clarify that they aren’t referring to existing silicone solar panels.

    Especially misleading because of the use of the word “existing” because it sounds like they’re referring to something that has made it out of a lab, but I’d wager 99.99999+% of people have never seen an “existing” barium solar panel.

    A less misleading title would be something like:

    Experimental barium solar panel 10000x more efficient than past attempts, possibility of performance parity with silicon in sight

    Or some such nonsense. You could move the second half to a subtitle and still be much clearer and less misleading than the original in title alone.

  • Saw this question posted elsewhere, so I’m paraphrasing somebody else, but the privacy benefits of Graphene OS are ESPECIALLY impactful if you’re using invasive apps. The whole point of setting up all of the extra sandboxing, storage limits, network restrictions, yadda yadda yadda, is specifically for people who might need or want to still leverage some apps from bigger, less trusted providers.

    I’ll flip the question, if you’re only using trusted, vetted, open source applications, do you even need GrapheneOS? Why not LineageOS, which also comes free of gapps?

    And this also fully neglects the inherent distinction between privacy and security. Maybe you trust google knowing you called your mom last night, but you don’t want your oppressive conservative government accessing your phone to view your Signal messages to your Grinder date. There’s more to privacy than just the number of times your phone pings Google Telemetry servers.

  • Hawaii:

    Early voting: Cast your ballot at any voter service center in your county from Monday, July 29, through Saturday, Aug. 10.

    Voting at the polls: Hawai‘i votes mostly by mail, but some voter service centers are open on Election Day for walk-in voting and same-day registration.


    In person: You can vote in person starting 18 days before an election and up until 8 p.m. on Election Day. Find your voting center by logging into VoteWA.gov or by contacting your county elections office. If you’re already registered, you don’t need to provide an ID.

    On Election Day: You can register to vote in person at your county’s election office up until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

    Oregon (this one was trickier to find, but actually quite helpful):

    Homeless U.S. Citizens Have a Right to Vote

    Voters must provide a residence address on the voter registration form, but this address may be any definable location in the county that describes their physical location. This could be a shelter, park, motor home, or other identifiable location. The mailing address of a person who is homeless or who resides where mail service is unavailable can be the office of the county clerk. Voters can pick up their ballot at the county elections office.​


    Early in-person voting: Available in all counties for the primary. Check with your county clerk’s office for dates and times.

    Voting at the polls: Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Bring an acceptable ID.


    Early in-person voting: If you prefer to vote in person, you can visit a voter service and polling center in your county to cast your ballot from Monday, Oct. 21 through Election Day.

    Voting at the polls: Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bring an acceptable ID, such as a valid Colorado driver’s license or Colorado ID.

  • Honestly I don’t know, but it seems to me like extracting every single frame of a video as a lossless PNG is only really something that’s necessary if you’re trying to archive something or do frame by frame restoration. Either way, it is something that you hopefully aren’t doing every day, so why not just let it run overnight & move on?

    Otherwise ask yourself if you can settle with just extracting a single clip/section, or what’s actually wrong with lossy jpeg with a low -qscale:v (high quality) - start around 5 and work down until you visually can’t see any difference

  • That’s the thing, it doesn’t have to happen. It has to catch enough headlines that Shell can say:

    “As part of our environmental commitments we plan to sell only carbon neutral methane by 2040”

    Then they proceed to do nothing in the “hopes” that this becomes cost effective in time, while continuing to invest in natural gas infrastructure, and while we continue to investing in using their “soon to be neutral” fuel.

    Finally, when 2035 or so rolls around they quietly shift the goal posts and we keep on letting them pollute.

    And if you’re wondering why this sounds familiar…


    All getting hyped about CCS or “renewable” “drop-in replacements” for fossil fuels does is further entrench fossil fuel companies as the “center” of our carbon commitments, while they are 100% disincentivized to act.

    Unless this tech is paired with a $1000/tonne carbon tax, its a scapegoat.