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  • Mega Man Legends. Fuck you, Capcom, for killing the blue boy.

    A new Command and Conquer Generals. It was a big departure from the classical C&C formula of stuff being built on the UI on the right and more like every other RTS, but it was fun nonetheless. Zero Hour bringing the specialized generals was also a nice idea.

    Dunno if it counts as a game, but something like MTV Music Generator on PS1 and PS2 would be awesome, especially with the ease of sharing stuff around nowadays.

    There are many Star Wars games that deserve a second chance, but I think Republic Commando could really use the sequels “Imperial Commando” and “Rebel Commando” first. I’d personally love a sequel to Jedi Academy

    With all the “boomer shooters” making a comeback, Heretic and Hexen could receive their respective 3rd installments.

    Lastly, Virtual On Cyber Troopers. Something that plays like the very first game of 1995, that’d be 😗👌. I think that game is what paved the way for the many Gundam games that play a lot like it - On PC, you can get a taste of that gameplay with Bootfighter Windom XP