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  • My “everyday carry” isn’t a USB stick, but it can act as one - and much much more: I always have my trusty Flipper Zero with me, and the image I carry in the mass storage emulator is the Linux Mint installer, with extra space in the image to store small files.

    To be honest, the Flipper Zero’s mass storage emulator turns it into the slowest USB stick you never saw. But in a pinch, it’s there and it’s usable. I use my Flipper for a variety of other things all the time - including, with my laptop, as a presentation remote and secondary mouse - and I almost never need a USB flash drive. So slow though it is, it’s enough for when I do need one.

  • If you have any interest in promoting who you endorse, you’re tainted and your integrity comes into question. It’s that simple.

    You in your heart of hearts may genuinely be trying to be impartial, but we can’t know that for sure because we don’t have access to your heart of hearts. The only proof of your independence is keeping whichever company’s interests you promote entirely separate from your own interests.

    When Techlore has affiliate links, or accept free flights to Taiwan from the companies whose products they review, they lose all credibility. If you do that too, you do too.

  • I posted what I could legally post on my Github, and I made sure it’s easily discoverable. If you need it, you’ll find it very quickly.

    I have no reason to keep it for myself or my employer, since it’s GPL. Also, I kind of like the idea of distributing what the unhelpful company I got it from only gives upon request: when they do that, they comply with the GPL, but in the most unhelpful way possible. With what I posted, nobody has to request that stuff ever again, and I cleaned up and updated their code too.