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  • Not sure why so many people here comment that your communication style is vague.

    Both instructions and issue are clear. Send product after notification was sent via mail. Colleague did that and aso sent the mail again, which had already been sent.

    Why people are talking about the product being sent as the issue in thus scenario is beyond me.

    As for a solution: Let them repeat back to you what they’re supposed to do in their own words to verify you’re both on the same page, before the do what they need to do.

    If you have tried this unsuccessfully, I have no further suggestions without a whole lot more detail except for: ask theco worker in question how they would have phrased the task if they had given it to someone else. Try and learn what their style of communication is and adjust for that particular colleague.

  • I’ve met several partners off the internet through means where images were not involved, but it was clearly geared towards dating still (mainly reddit, if you would believe it). Some like to get the images out of the way early, others talk for weeks before that becomes an issue. There’s still some that then drop out (I’m not the most attractive lad to ever be a lad, plus preferences exist, as you say) but others worked out great.

    My strengths don’t lie in my style or looks, so dating apps are basically useless to me, yet I have no trouble in attracting partners in circumstances where my personality is a bit more in focus.

    I think there’s a space for apps like those for sure. Since there’s plenty where you can go purely or predominantly by looks, no one has to go for an app where that is the case.

  • Using rufus it’s pretty easy to install windows 11 without meeting their bullshit requirements.

    Did that for my work laptop, which is getting old but runs just fine. Including windows 11.

    Plenty of reasons to switch to Linux, but this can be circumvented. And anyone who doesn’t know how to, because it is too complicated shouldn’t really switch to Linux anyway IMO, because they will already run into trouble with finding compatible printers, getting software for proprietary hardware they are using, etc.

  • How have they no means to fix their business model by cutting back on what does not work? Like… are they supposed to just keep burning money year after year on the same direction that is the cause of burning money in hopes of something magically changing about it?

    That would be the sunk cost fallacy, no? If anything they now have a chance to direct their attention to getting new revenue streams because they stopped the bleeding. They got no debt except some remnant of a 0% loan by the French government. Not sure what will whittle away at them?

    I do not like their current business model and do think they need to adapt, but for the first time since 2018 they even have the financial situation to try.