• My partner is Brazilian
  • I’ve spent time in Brazil
  • There is a large Brazilian community where I live
  • I have multiple friends & colleagues that are from Brazil

Having said all of that, Brazil is massive so I still only have a small sample size to go off of.

The Question I was chatting with my partner about screen time the other day. They were saying that there time has gone down recently (it’s about 6.5 hours per day on average).

If we’re watching a TV show and we pause to get some refreshments, they’ll go straight to Instagram/TikTok while I’m up. It’s not even that I’m up for a long time — like 2 minutes

It got me think about the other Brazilians I know. The vast majority of them would be the same. I noticed this while in Brazil as well, basically everyone used Instagram for news and gossip (all the time).

Again, my sample size is pretty small compared to the population of Brazil but from my experience working and engaging socially with people from all over the world, Brazilians seem to be at the top of this “list” of always being online. Is all of this true (for the most part) across the population or is just skewed significantly for me?

personal context, I average 3.5-4.5 screen on time per day. I do use my phone for work as well, so occasionally it’s higher

    47 months ago

    Then you get socially isolated, simple as. It’s gotten to a point where even the government has started issuing digital only documents like the voter ID card. Not to mention some stores and services have no way of communication outside WhatsApp.

    The “good” thing is that, despite their steep price, basically everyone has a smartphone, even beggars carry them.

    • I Cast Fist
      27 months ago

      the government has started issuing digital only documents like the voter ID card

      I remember having a blast cursing the’s ass-backwards UX (one screen for login, the next screen you put the password) and its utter inability to fucking reset my fucking password. Seriously, the page would display a stupid javascript error clearly indicating that no-fucking-one tested that shit.