• @Sharkwellington@lemmy.one
    3510 months ago

    Oh good we can just go back to doing nothing about it like we always do.

    This is why gentle “don’t alarm the public” predictions are always a terrible idea, all they do is keep the frog calm while the water continues to boil. I’m sure we’ll find a solution by 2090… or 2095… Know what let’s give ourselves til 2100 for a nice even number.

    It should absolutely terrify everyone that we may be 2 years out from climate collapse. Who cares about 2090, 2025 is right fucking there.

    • @valveman
      710 months ago

      Scientists have been warning about climate change for decades, and still very little was done to avoid it or slow it down. Those who could do something about it just turned a blind eye, and now it’s too late.

      Some fuckers chose profit over anything else, and now there’s nothing you and me can do about it. Telling everyone we’re all going to die won’t solve the problem, it’ll create a lot more problems instead.

    • @pulverizedcoccyx@lemmy.ca
      10 months ago

      Okay but we’re fucked either way? Raise alarms to deaf ears and so much that everyone tunes it out for various reasons, or only start ringing the bell when it’s about to be too late. I guess the former gives more chance for change than the latter, but you see what I’m saying yea?

      My analogy for this is car alarms that always go off when it’s not a real situation. It happens so much nobody even looks now real situation or not. The alarms are going off all around the world so often now I think many are just trying to tune it out best they can because it’s so damn intense and we can all see where this is going.